Post-College Job Search

I’ve started and restarted this blog post endless of times, waiting until I finally felt ready and stable enough to write these words. Looking back, college holds my all-time favorite memories. Sneaking into The Athens Insane Asylum, day-drinking when the temperature hits above 50,  and making friends who will always hold a place in my heart.

But there’s something I didn’t really think about until I woke up the morning after graduation.

Job searching.

I mean, yeah, I obviously knew I’d be getting a job after graduation, and I did apply to a handful during spring semester. But let’s be real, it wasn’t at the very top of my mind. I was about to leave a town I made my home and could no longer walk 3 minutes to my best friends house. So, you can imagine the rude awakening I had when I woke up May 1st in my parents house, jobless, and broke from smashing all the Jackio’s I could before leaving Athens, OH.

I’m about to be 100% real with the rest of this post. I have worked FIVE jobs in TEN months. My resume was on the verge of tears you guys. But, I want to share my experience for those graduating this spring, in hopes they don’t get kicked down and unmotivated when the time comes.

I applied and interviewed for maaaaybe 30 jobs last summer. Thirty. Half were door-to-door sale scams, the other half I simply wasn’t qualified. I experienced LITERALLY everything possible during these past 10 months, stay tuned for a good life lesson & story.

Event Coordinator

I spent my 4 years at OU working for Event Services as a Production Assistant, which was a pretty fucking rad job. Met some cool people and forever and ever grateful. I thought I’d continue the event industry and got offered a job as an event coordinator at a wedding venue.

It was an hour commute, the building was extremely understaffed (literally me and one other girl running the whole building every singe day. Like damn!!) , and I got home around 3AM every Thursday-Sunday night because of weddings. The commute ended up taking a toll and I was so unhappy.


Marketing Associate

I’ve always loved marketing and knew down the road I wanted to make a career out of it, starting the story of my second job. I interviewed for a financial firm in Columbus and was offered the marketing position, where I spent my time editing videos, photographing, and sending out (small) social media content. But hey, it was a start.

I’ll be for real right now. I’ve been wanting to talk about this personal experience for quit awhile, but was scared. Scared people would say I was sensitive, over-reactive….the list goes on. But I don’t care, I’m talking about it because I know I’m not the only woman who has been through this.

Things started to get…weird. I was the only female in an office of 8 males. Rude/harsh comments started to be directed towards me. Blame was put on me for projects I didn’t even associate with.

“Smile more”. ”

“Your hair looked better in your ID than it does now”.

“You hike? But you look like such a girly girl”.

My morning drive became panic attacks and my lunch breaks turned into crying sessions in my car. Expectations were never met no matter how hard I worked. I loved my job duties but the atmosphere was toxic beyond belief. I just want to say ladies, and men, never EVER let anyone talk to you disrespectfully all hours of every day. I don’t care who it is, you do not deserve to be treated like you’re nothing. You’re worth everything and have so much to offer in this beautiful world.

It was decided I wasn’t fit for their work environment……next!

Orthodontist Scheduling Coordinator

Ok guys, at this point I was damn desperate. It was already November and I haven’t had a job more than 2 months. Ouch.

I applied for a front desk position at an orthodontist 5 minutes away from my house, and honestly, the pay was better than any other place I worked. I went through a phone interview, two in-person interviews, and they wanted me to come in for 2 days of “work training”.

So ya know I breeze into this orthodontist Monday morning fucking READY to greet customers with a smile and answer the phone and schedule appointments and give out suckers and be happy. I was pretty good at it, too.

My first day was coming to an end and I was called to a room by the manager, and was asked how my day went. I answered, she smiled, I smiled, we all smiled. And then I hear, “We don’t think you should come back tomorrow. You’re just too qualified.” I was like, hold up……what?! They asked to keep my resume on hand for future marketing opportunities, of course I said yes, flashed a grin, and then left.

I cried as SOON as my ass sat in my car. Actually, I cried as soon as my foot stepped out of the office. I drove myself to the closest place that sells wine, bought the XL size, and drank that whole sucker in my bathtub that night. That’s one way to deal with things I guess?!

After waking up with an extreme headache, I started my job hunt alllllllll over again. Jesus Christ when would it end?!


Alright, first I want to thank those who have made it this far with me. I know, it’s been a journey BUT WE AIN’T DONE YET. I was on my nightly routine of applying to endless jobs on Indeed when I saw a post for a company called Earthley.

They are based in Columbus and handmake natural soap, lotion, face masks, you name it. I’ve always been interested in raw products, and my love of essential oils fit right in. They were looking for someone to help around their shop, assisting in shipping, making products, and anything else. I took matters into my own hands this time and tracked down the owners to message them personally. Ya girl was done playing games.

Interviewed, was told there’s potential to help with their marketing/blog, accepted the offer.

I worked full time for Earthley for a little over a month (making it January, by this point), learning cool things and working with genuine people. It was honestly so refreshing to work with kind-hearted people, and made my love for “small” businesses grow even more.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Well mama I MADE IT. I was finally offered the job of my DREAMS as a Digital Marketing Specialist for a company called Signal-Interactive downtown. I love every piece of work I do and it has been so great. It took me so long to get here but it was so worth it.

Life has a weird way of cycling around. Here’s what I mean:

I hated the atmosphere and treatment for my marketing job at the financial firm. But, without that job I wouldn’t have learned the basics of marketing platforms or my self-worth.

I was so bummed about being told not to come back to the orthodontist as their front desk scheduler. But, I remember the Dr. talking to me about their lack of marketing and poor website. I called her today asking to grab coffee to discuss the company I work for, and how we can help her online marketing grow.

I loved my job at Earthley and the people who work there, and I am able to still work part-time helping with SEO and online marketing from home. I’m very thankful to have met this company who wants to help me reach my goals while offering support.

What I Learned

All of the crummy jobs helped me learn what I really wanted in life. A boss who is motivated and offers constructive-criticism instead of only criticism. A job allowing me to travel and not feel trapped in a cubicle. A hard-working team who has fun while getting shit done. Creating content for my love of social media. The option to blog for clients.

Sometimes, I can’t believe everything I went through. But I’m so grateful for each experience because it all ties together. So, HANG IN THERE. I believe in you. Don’t follow the boring rules of working the same, deadbeat job after college.

Go after whatever feeds your soul.




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  1. brittwhidden says:

    This speaks to me on a molecular level. I had four major contracts and two of them turned out to be full on lemons.


    1. megankapple says:

      It’s frustrating, isn’t it?! I hope everything worked out in the end. It’s hard but refreshing to look back and see all the hard work pay off.


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