DIY Pressed Flowers

My mom’s birthday was December 28. I brought her home flowers and a card stating how grateful I am to have her and how I aspire to at least be half the woman she is. Seriously, my mom is fucking awesome. She’s my therapist, bartender, hair dresser, and proves how working hard gets you places you never imagined. I am eternally thankful.

But anyways, back to the flowers.

They were beautiful and I think we all needed the pop of colors in our lives. It’s been over 2 weeks and they’re still blooming as the kitchen table center piece. I wanted to save them somehow. To remind me of my mom and proof even beautiful things bloom in winter…in the right conditions. Anything can bloom under the right conditions, including humans. If you’re in a dark place, feel stuck, unhappy, always daydreaming about something better, take a moment and think about the conditions you’re in. Don’t have a job? Can’t save money? Blowing off friends? Think about how you can change your conditions, so you can start blooming yourself.

But anyways, lol, back to the flowers. I decided to do a DIY with these babes. Here is what I came up with!





Here’s a step-by-step! And trust me, there’s A LOT more to this than you think. Stay tuned.


  1. Choose your flowers. Press them.

You’re going to want to choose the flower! Strip the stem and as many leaves as possible. To be honest I felt terrible cutting off the stem. Idk man I love trees too much and flowers are right there, so it was sad, ok. After cutting the stem as short as possible you’ll need 2 paper towels. One to lay the flowers on and the other to place on top of the flowers. Place the flowers/paper towels under something heavy, I used a stack of books.

Let them press for one week. Yes, I know…a whole damn week! I mean, maybe you could do a few days? I was better safe than sorry. But this will get the excess water out of the flower and help press/dry them out. Making them easier to work with.





2. Gather your supplies.

Fuck yeah your week is up! Now you need to get your shit. You’ll need:

  • Picture frame (glass for best)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glass of wine




3. Placement.

Place your flowers where you want them. Put some glue down (but not too much) and gently press the petals. A few will fall off, so just place them where you think needs filled. I had a few petals left so I glued them separately to add more ~shazam~. It looked beautiful!!!


But I ran into an issue. After the glue and flowers I placed the second piece of glass on top and it was too thick. The glue made my flowers too thick to slide into my frame, and my glass BROKE while trying to force it down.





So then I was like…damn. But I improvised. Luckily only one glass broke and I still had the other, but my flowers came completely apart. I then had to strategically glue and place petal by petal until it formed a flower again. But I kind of like it even better, it adds dimension and a 3-D vibe.




That’s it!! It was super easy. I kind of want to do this with palm leaves from the plant in our dining room. I think the green would be chill and pretty next to the deep purple flowers.



You guys. I was in TJ Maxx picking out my picture frame for this project. They were all lined up like dominos. Like, 3 rows of 25. Of course I went for the one on the very end in the very back. Literally as soon as I reached I thought “damn haha that would suck if these all tumbled and fell”. Well you assholes.

It happened.

I grabbed my frame and as soon as I lifted up I hit the one in front, which hit the one in front of that one and so on and so on. I just stood there. I could literally do nothing. It was a solid 30 seconds of these picture frames falling in a domino effect. Glass everywhere. People staring. Gasps were made from the mug isle. An employee emerged.


I don’t know what’s worse….the fact I just knocked over an endless fucking row of glass picture frames or the 30-year-old employee calling me little girl.

I went to make a quick exit but got distracted by a rug on sale. So me, my picture frame, and rug headed for the checkout and will not be returning for a good three months.


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