Attention Pescatarians. Two Words: Poke Bros.

Attention Pescatarians.

Two Words: Poke Bros.


The city of Columbus is full of hot spots to dine on-the-go, including the up-roaring Poke Bros. Not familiar with Poke Bros? No worries, we’ll fill you in! The restaurant offers an assembly of rice, fresh fish, and a variety of toppings and sauces where you then build your own bowl. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out their signature bowls to see their favorite combos. Good luck choosing! Each bowl is packed with flavor and nutrients. If you’re looking for where Poke Bros is located, they can be found in the heart of Downtown Columbus and Polaris, both easily accessible.

If you haven’t looked up their Instagram yet, prepare to spend the next fifteen minutes drooling over beautiful sticky rice and amazing toppings. Seriously. The vibrant colors of your bowl will make it hard to dig your chopsticks into the food art, but once your taste buds are taken over by the flavor of fresh avocado and crunchy tempura you will understand the obsession.

Not only are the vibrant colors appealing to the eye but super healthy for your body! This is the part I draw awareness to pescatarians, as sometimes it can be challenging to keep your fish meals interesting and flavorful. Trust me, I get it!! Luckily, Poke Bros offers an awesome variety of fresh fish ranging from shrimp, salmon, tuna, and even octopus. Building your own bowl puts you in total control, meaning the world is your oyster when choosing your endless toppings and sauces. Get creative! The endless combinations offer each Poke Bros experience to be different, never leaving a dull moment of flavor. Not only are you getting protein from your choice of fish, but endless nutrients from the healthy toppings as well.

Next time you stop by Poke Bros snap a photo of your delicious creation and share with the world. By posting your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #PokeBrosPro you earn a chance to win a free bowl! I’ll share my favorite bowl: sticky white rice, shrimp, edamame, avocado, green onion, OG sweet soy sauce, and tempura flakes! It’s fun to hear the creativeness each person puts into their bowl and encourages others to branch out of their comfort zone. To add even more joy to the experience the team offers a punch card for every bowl you purchase. Your 10th bowl is on them, so take advantage!


If you’re not feeling up to waiting in life, feel free to take advantage of ordering on their website for instant pick-up.


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