1. You tested me.

You dug everything out of my soul until I was forced to plant new seeds and grow.

You gave me new faces and new outlooks.

You taught me to hate the best parts of myself and love the worst.


So 2018, we’re setting some boundaries here.

I’m in control in this time.



Nourish yourself.

My biggest goal is to continue eating foods that nourish my body. I was stuck in this cycle of constantly worrying about eating healthy/exercising it made me cheat more and not be on track. Changing my mindset changed the whole process. By asking myself, “how will this nourish me?” has helped me make better choices rather than “just give me a salad I guess”. I don’t force myself to exercise and only do so when it feels right.

Ya’ll it’s workin’!! I’ve lost 7 pounds from this shiz. I also don’t limit myself to eating sweets. If I want chocolate I eat dark chocolate. If I want an oreo I’ll slap some peanut butter on that sucker. Just go for whatever feels right.



Acknowledge your feelings.

Take a moment during any situation and recognize your emotions and how you’re feeling. Happy, angry, hurt, excited, tired. All of them. Maybe you’re at a brewery with a few good friends drinking a hoppy ass IPA. The sun is shining and the breeze blowing on your face makes 80-degree weather your soulmate. Recognize how blissful and content you feel in the moment. By doing so makes the memories 10x better.

If it’s a moment of sadness or anger, stop and think, what is causing me to feel this way? Why am I allowing it? It’s hard. Taking a second during a moment of crying to think of the root and how it’s impacting you is hard. But by doing so, you’ll look back and recall what made you feel that way. And why you’ll never want to be hurt by the same situation again.



Speak up.

Say something, man!! Anything! Scream in your car with the windows rolled down to the roaring of the wind. Get it out, whatever it is.

Find someone inspiring on social media? Send them a message! Let them know you love their work/playlists/photography/aesthetic/haircut/outlook.

Did you get an Oreo McFlurry instead of M&M’s? Tell them! (just me nice about it ya know. We’re all humans)

Sad? It’s ok to break down and tell your friends what’s going on. You’re not meant to be the funny sarcastic asshole friend 24/7. It’s cool to cry sometimes. Just don’t make it a habit. (And even if it’s a habit then whatevs that’s cool too)




I recently started meditating but have been slacking. The Holidays got me off my vibe.

So I’m making it a goal to get back into the flow.

It’s hard dude. The first few times are so challenging, but it’s like I need to meditate. I lie in bed some nights and my mind’s going 1,000MPH and doesn’t stop. I would lie awake all night if I didn’t take control. But just like all things, once you start practicing it eventually gets easier. I plan on making a post for how I meditate in the future so ~stay tuned~.



Drink all the beer.

You read that right. As soon as patio season starts it’s IPA’s every damn day.



Keep doing whatever the fuck you want to do.

Make a blog, start that Youtube channel, eat the chicken wings, take a roadtrip, drink a bottle of wine, post your amateur photography, text the friends you miss, take a mental health day, go on a 5 mile run, binge Netflix, get drunk at 2PM, send that risky text, reach out, create content you enjoy, ignore opinions of others, book a flight, go to bed at 3AM, go to bed at 9PM, buy concert tickets, tell that asshole in your life you don’t need the negativity, express your worth, don’t settle.

Don’t settle.



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