Stay Humble

It’s Christmas Eve!

This morning I crawled out of bed, threw on my robe, and sat by the fire place with my coffee. After drinking too much caffeine I took a hot shower, curled my hair, put on my Christmas pajamas, and chilled. My mom and I then made cut-out cookies from scratch as she prepared our annual Christmas Eve dinner. My grandparents came over and memal (AKA my grandma) taught me how to cross-stitch. Watch out world!!!

In that moment, I realize how beyond blessed and thankful I am. For everything. For a house to wake up in every morning. A fireplace to keep me warm. Luxury of having coffee ready, even when it’s not a necessity. A shower to bathe in where the water is hot. Electricity to curl my hair and power my music. Parents who are supportive and gave me the best life possible. Grandparents who teach me to cross-stitch and let me borrow their Christmas sweaters.

I think we get lost in the jumble of craziness during the Holidays… and life in general. I can’t help but think of everyone who doesn’t have these things, let alone during the Holidays. People who don’t have hot water or close relatives to visit. It makes my heart hurt and I want to find each person who’s missing these things in life and offer all the love and support I have.

Take a moment to reflect during these Holidays. Think about each person in your life and why you’re thankful for them, and let them know! Think about every small thing you do every day, such as making tea or coffee and taking a shower.  Be thankful for those moments and stay humble.


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