Dear Stranger.

This is just a quick little note.

Last night I felt the dreaded first sign of sickness creeping into my throat. My body somehow manages to get sick every single Christmas and it’s getting so old. I drank hot tea and crashed, only to wake up every hour on the dot even though I was exhausted. My alarm went off at 8AM and I was dragging my butt all morning. Too lazy to wash my face, put in contacts, or even throw on foundation. Not having the energy to make coffee at home, I decided to stop by Tim Hortons on my way to work to grab an iced coffee, praying it would cure my exhaustion.

I roll up to the speaker asking for one small iced coffee with Splenda. When I pulled up to the window I handed the employee my debit card while smiling and asking how his day was going. A quick chat, he closed the door, handed my card back, and said he didn’t charge me. It’s the simplest gesture but my jaw DROPPED. I was so shocked and happy and grateful.

I think I smiled for at least 10 minutes after pulling onto the interstate. The Tim Horton’s employee didn’t know I was having a crummy morning or anything about my day, which is why small gestures to help strangers are so special. Next time you get the urge to pay for someone’s coffee, carry groceries for an older person, leave a nice note on someone’s car, complement a woman’s shoes, do it. Don’t just think it to yourself, take action. You never know what someone else’s day is like, or what is going on in their life.

But anyways, thank you Tim Horton’s man for the coffee.



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