Hidden Gems

I love exploring places most people don’t know about. The type of places you hear by word-of-mouth. Here are my favorite places I’ve been through by word-of-mouth! Some of these I’m sure you’ve heard of, but hey, who knows!

  1. Moonville Tunnel

I first went to Moonville Tunnel my sophomore year of college. It’s an abandoned mine town that has trails and a beautiful creek. A big tunnel still exists but other than that there’s nothing but leftover telephone poles. A few years ago you could only get to the tunnel by hiking through the woods, but there’s now a bridge across the creek to get to the tunnel. It makes me somewhat sad to see this area becoming more tourist-y, but at least more people will see how cool it is.


2. Airplane Rock

I have to thank Kyle for posting this one on Instagram. Airplane rock is located in Hocking Hills, right beside Conkles Hollow which is my FAVORITE trail. I went to Hocking Hills this past weekend and the amount of people there was insaaaaane. So many cars were parked along the road due to parking lots being full, especially parked for the Conkles Hollow Trails.  To get to this trail, go on the same road as Conkle Hollow and keep driving until you see a bridge going over a creek. There’s a spot along the side of the road to park one car, and the trail is on the otherside of the parking spot. Once you get to the trail it splits off into two directions, take the trail to the right. The only people on this trail are those who ride horses up and down. The view was amazing, just like Conkles Hollow, except WAY less people. I also want to mention The Rock House within Hocking Hills, which I know is a common trail but I’ve talked to a few people who’ve never been. PLEASE GO. I can’t express how freaking cool it is or house big the caves are. Pictures don’t do justice.



3. Rising Park

Okay, I know a lot of people know about this one. It’s a pretty common spot located in Lancaster, Ohio. I’m posting it though because I’ve had a few people message me asking where I was, so here it is! The 5-10 minute hike up the hill will kick your ass every single time but it’s always worth it. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset and to get away from everything.



4. Sells Park

For my Athens friends, this one is for you. If you’ve hiked every trail at the Ridges, Strouds Run, Bong Hill and are looking for a new place….this is it. It’s right off East State St. The entrance is located inside a subdivision of homes but once inside the trail you feel so secluded from everything. There’s also some pretty cool rock houses in the trails.

5. Rock Bridge

This one is technically located in “Hocking Hills” but very few know about it. It’s in Logan, OH and is such a hidden gem. It’s about mile and if you’re lucky a waterfall will be waiting for you.



So yeah, that’s all I’ve got for now. It might not seem like a lot but all the views are totally worth it in my opinion. Please feel free to share your fav low-key spots!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. shapeshiftpt says:

    Wow, these places look incredibly cool, great pictures! I wish there were more mountains in Minnesota, but it’s mostly flat land except for the occasional hill. I still enjoy a hike every day with the hound, and there’s nothing more refreshing!


    1. megankapple says:

      Ahh I’m glad you enjoy hiking as much as I do! Have you ever been to Colorado? Beautiful hiking trails. (Of course haha)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. shapeshiftpt says:

        Yes, I’ve passed through Colorado a few timesm but only a few areas! In fact Boulder is my favorite hiking place I’ve ever been by far, passed through there on a road trip to California about 14 years ago, and ended up staying for a week, then making two return trips just to go to Boulder. Body surfing the Boulder river and just hanging out there is so amazing!


      2. shapeshiftpt says:

        Also lived in Livingston, Montana for a year in 08′ and that has so many hiking areas it’s amazing, as well as Bozeman (which is 30 minutes away only) and Missoula is pretty cool, but Livingston and Bozeman I couldn’t recommend higher for hiking and skiing! In fact your post inspires me to write one about walking and Ill show a bunch of pictures I took at those places. Thanks!


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