Sun Rise

Yesterday I was looking at my bucket list. Reading the things I’ve done and the things I have left, and found myself adding more adventures. Okay, I can check off adopting a dog. Did that. Went to Alaska, that one is checked off too. Took a tumbling class, made an ass out of myself in front of 13-year-olds, but hey I did it. But there’s still so many left. Sit in a hot spring, travel to Amsterdam, brew beer, stargaze in Utah, work in an ice cream shop. I have a love/hate relationships with bucket lists. It’s like this endless list of amazing life goals you want to accomplish, but what if you don’t? You’re left staring at the empty words you wrote down. And there’s no worse feeling than letting yourself down. And that’s when I realized it’s all about one thing: laziness.

Something on my bucket list was, “Get up when it’s still dark and watch the sun rise.” Sure, I’ve seen the sunrise more times than I can count. But to physically make an effort to get out of bed, drive, hike up a trail and watch it from my favorite spot? Yeah.. I haven’t followed through. I would always set alarms and hit snooze while thinking, “there’s always another time. Tomorrow maybe.”…….According to who? Who says you’re guaranteed tomorrow? Who says tomorrow I’ll have the strength or legs or lungs to hike to watch the sunrise? So today I did it. And I checked another item off my list.

Maybe it’s not all about laziness. Most is about patience. Moving across the country is on my bucket list, but the fact I haven’t yet isn’t because I’m too lazy to follow through, instead it’s about being patient. Saving money and adult stuff like that. Think about the things you want to do though, how many of it is based on laziness?

This morning I felt more at peace than ever. After walking up Rising Park (let’s be real, no matter how in shape you are the hill always kicks your ass) I just stood there. It was so quiet. Hardly any cars were on the roads below and the birds were singing all morning. The air was honestly indescribable. It smelled so crisp and the wind was just enough to make cheeks rosy. I’m glad I finally followed through.



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