Slow Down.

This has been a long week. I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed, and I feel like I’m running out of time. I know that sounds ridiculous because I’m only 22, but geez you guys!! Time goes by so fast. It’s already the end of October and I still haven’t watched Hocus Pocus or drank hot apple cider. Actually, I take that back. During HOUmecoming I drank a Hot Apple Cider with CARAMEL VODKA from Jackio’s and it left me drooling.

But still, time is going by so fast. And the most annoying thing to me is how it’s not even real. I’m stressing over something that technically doesn’t exist. It’s man-made. So I’m going to take a moment to express little moments that make me HAPPY in life.

  • Sunny days, when it’s in the 70’s and a little breezy. Every day I get off work, I pull my hair up, roll the windows down, open the sun roof, and listen to my favorite playlist while driving home. Feeling the sun on my face and the breeze on my neck instantly picks-up my mood. And it makes sitting in Columbus traffic somewhat manageable.
  • Hiking in Hocking Hills. I don’t know if it’s the greenery, pine tree smell, or nostalgia from my childhood but I will always hold these trails close to my heart. FYI, Conkle’s Hollow Upper Rim Trail is BEAUTIFUL this time of year. It’s not as busy as the other trails and about a 2.5 mile hike. Forewarning, you’re basically walking along a cliff the whole time. I’m not afraid of heights but I am afraid of falling off cliffs lol so please be careful!!!!
  • Music. I listen to music while doing everything. Driving, showering, cooking, exercising. Literally all the time. I listen to music more than I watch Netflix.
  • Making coffee in the morning. Something about the process of making a pot of coffee is so therapeutic to me. I still find myself drinking it even though it makes my anxiety skyrocket lol.
  • Planning for the future, whether it’s upcoming plans with friends, planning trips, or long-term goals. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of this. I have found when I’m in one of those “blah” moods I spend my time reminiscing. I look at all my old photos and videos of times I was so happy and carefree. I’m trying to get out of this habit. It makes me feel like shit.
  • Talking to people. This one seems generic, but I love talking to people from all over. That’s what I love about social media is the ability to reach out to literally anyone. Send them a message. Let them know you find their work inspiring or you like their wardrobe. You never know when someone is having a bad day and could use a compliment.



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