I don’t mind fall. It’s not that I dislike the season…I just think it’s hard for me to enjoy knowing it welcomes winter with an ease. The season is glorified over leaves changing to a beautiful yellow or burnt orange and the earlier days causing chilly nights. Bonfires and s’mores. Bon Iver. Hot coffee. Pumpkin everything. I mean, I don’t hate it.

But I see it as everything dying. I’ve tried so hard to see it through everyone’s eyes as the circle of life and the beauty of the leaves starting fresh each spring, but I can’t. Everything is dry. The corn (thanks, Ohio), the trees, grass. Everything is dying for thirst. And I know that feeling. Dying of whatever it is that keeps you alive. Anyways, I try. I mean I’m at least going to do everything I can to enjoy this time even though it’s not my favorite. Go to a pumpkin patch, drink hot apple cider, watch Hocus Pocus, and keep my windows open for the cool air.

I think that goes to show people feel alive during different phases of the year. Some feel alive while carving pumpkins and eating bean soup. Others feel alive driving with the windows down blaring music in July heat. You might feel alive seeing the first snow of the year or the first bud of green in Spring. And that’s cool ya know! It’s cool everyone views the world and seasons so differently. People are so taken back when they discover I’m not obsessed with fall. It’s chill and all (literally) but it’s just not for me. I’m glad if it’s your favorite season! Live it up man and embrace every second because it’s here.

Something I’ve been focusing on lately is not wishing my life away and focusing on the present. I found myself thinking “I can’t wait for Winter to be over already” and then thought, “Damn! That’s another 6 months away!” I was wishing SIX MONTHS of my life away. So much can happen in that short/long amount of time. If you keep up with my blog you know by now I despise Winter. Hellloooooooo seasonal depression. I can already feel you making yourself home in my mind. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. I’ll snuggle up on the couch and watch movies and eat home cooked meals. Wear a few Goodwill sweaters and book a trip to Colorado. Your life is enhanced by the effort you make. Like, yeah, I hate Winter. But I’m going to at least make an effort to enjoy my time. (Even though I’ll be counting down the days until Spring lol. Still. EFFORT.)

But can I just say one thing……tone in down about Christmas on Facebook. It’s fucking October. Please stop wishing that time away and enjoy your family and doing fall activities. I am so over the advertisement for Christmas being earlier and earlier every year. It is so not about the presents under the tree. Stop giving into the holiday commercials and focus on the importance during the Holidays: time with family. Which is something we all take for granted.

ANYWHOOOOO. Fall is sad to me. I’m so glad it fills everyone with joy and serenity because I know that feeling, and I’m glad at least someone is feeling it. That’s enough for me.

Until Spring.


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