I had a plan for how I wanted to start this but between the 5 minutes it took to turn on my laptop and open my document I lost the thought. So, I’ll start by saying this: usually my posts have a main “theme” or “topic” to them or however your mind perceives it. But today I have so much that it’s going to be randomness.

I’m also over halfway through a bottle of wine. So.

I want to start by saying nothing in life is permanent…besides the alien head I have tattooed on my ankle. I’ve had the illusion stuck in my head that where I’m at right now is where I’ll be forever. In Ohio. Living in my parents’ house. Mostly broke. Crying because Xbox live won’t work. Getting wine drunk alone on a Thursday night. Yep, that’s my life right now…but not forever. I have goals and dreams. It just takes patience.

Also, stop fucking comparing your life to others. We’re at that age where EVERYONE is doing something totally different with their life. One of my best friends is looking to buy a house with her future fiancé. The other one is still on Tinder swiping guys left and right. Everyone is at a different point in their lives right now. And if there is anything I’ve learned this past year it’s this: life is not a race. Take your time. Friends will get jobs, get engaged, get married, graduate college and buy houses before you. It’s okay.

Do people give you shit about living with your parents after college? They say, “God, those millennials are such lazy pieces of poop.” We’re the boomerang generation. A third of us move back in with our parent’s post-grad. Including me! Hi! I am so thankful for my parent’s giving me the option to live here a year or two. I mean, student debt has nearly TRIPLED from 10 years ago. Ignore people, live at home, make a savings account, and move wherever your heart desires.

Learn to let go. People will use you. They will go months without talking to you and then text you in their convenience. This is hard for me. I have such a big heart. I think people mean no wrong and truly care. They don’t. They only want you when they need something or they’re bored. This was a harsh reality to me. Delete them.

Start telling people how you really feel. Don’t be passive aggressive (lol, me) and be straight forward. Don’t understand something at your new job? Ask. Someone being shady? Say something. Did they get your order wrong at Dunkin’ Donuts? Mention it. Stop letting other people control you. This is your life. (Just be nice about it, ya know)

Are you eating healthy? Good for you man. You want that kitkat? Fucking eat it. I stood in the mirror tonight as I put on my comfy clothes after work. I did nothing but pick out my flaws. Thighs are too big. Hips too wide. Ass too flat. Shoulders too broad. I made myself cry. Did you read that last sentence? I made myself cry. Not anyone else. Me. And that’s not okay. I should be proud of where I’m at right now. I exercise when I get the chance and I fit into jeans that were too small last month. Love yourself. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Read this over and over and over again. Love yourself. Don’t let your mind control you.


One more thing….maybe two more things. Ohio University Homecoming was this past weekend and I just want to say, thank you so much to my beloved friends who are there for me. I love you all and we never say it enough because we’re too busy goofing off. Also, thank you to everyone who approached me and told me you read my blog. It truly meant so much to my heart. It’s scary putting yourself out there is such a way. It’s such an inspiration to hear you say I inspire you when in reality you inspire me. So again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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