Dreaming of Elsewhere

My ideal morning.

Right now I am sitting on my bed wearing an oversized crewneck and wool socks, eating a few too many Reece Cups. The Office is on but I find myself staring out the window into the darkness. Dreaming of elsewhere.

I wake up in my bed engulfed by my fluffy comforter. It’s 8AM. The sun is peeping through my blinds and I stare at the dust particles dancing in the light. I get up. Open my blinds. Push my windows open as far as they allow and the salty air blows into my room. I contemplate going on a run…okay, let’s do it. I find my cheap headphones and I’m out the door. I pass people on the sidewalk who had the same thoughts as my past-self. That’s why we’re all out here. Bored with life just hoping that a 1,900-mile move will do the trick. Endlessly searching for whatever the fuck it is everyone is looking for. I’m not sure I’ll ever know. I’m back though and my apartment is full of fresh air and white walls. Sunny-side-up eggs and toast are being made in the kitchen. My plants are as happy as I am. I start coffee and the beans instantly relax me. I pour into the mug my best friend got me for my birthday. One cream two Splendas. I stare out the window in awe of making it to this point. I turn on my favorite playlist depending on the day. Maybe it’s Turnover. Maybe Beach House. The music overlaps the steam from my shower and I zone out.

I snap out of it. I’m back now. Staring out the window. Watching Netflix. Eating too much chocolate and wearing clothes for chilly days. Dreaming of elsewhere.


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