Stress relief

I really wanted to write today but felt like my brain was fried. It’s not something you can force, ya know. I put my inspiration into something else and started a positive journal, although I don’t like the word “journal”. It’s more of a doodling stress-releaser for me. You know those adult coloring books that are supposed to help relieve stress?? Those things give me even more stress trying to color in the tiny ass lines. So I created my own stress reliever. I used to put all my future ideas, such as blogs, tattoos, traveling…., into the notes of my phone but it was getting so long and a bit ridiculous. Today I finally transferred them to paper!

I also wanted to use this to stay grounded with myself, so I included some of my ideas! (Some of which thanks to Pinterest lol). I intend to add more as I go but wanted to share a few:



These are just a few ideas! It might be lame and I’ll probably be over this in two weeks. Who knows ;-)




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