This is your weekly reminder to do whatever the fuck you want to do in life.

Craving ice cream on that “diet”? Dude. Go to McDonald’s and get a Mcflurry with extra M&M’s. (The best one, duh) And if their ice cream machine is broken (because when is it not broken) then go to Walmart and get yourself a tub of your favorite. Sit on your bed surrounded by blankets and pillows and watch Forrest Gump. And then realize how big of a turd Jenny is for treating Forrest like crap their whole life and how she only wanted him when she was dying. Whatever, that’s a post for another time.

Want to start a blog or Youtube channel? You’re probably worried about what people will think, right? The judgement. Smirks. Eyerolls. “Oh look, Megan is a blogger now. Probably just another girl who wears Adidas and thinks she’s hipster or something.” That’s something that has come with growing, not caring what others think. Doing whatever I want. The vulnerability is scary but a good scary.

Working a job you despise? You feel like you’re not growing personally and professionally, just sitting behind a desk to pay the bills. QUIT. Quit quit quit. You go home every night dreading the next day and this becomes a cycle. An unhealthy cycle. Put this energy into finding a job you enjoy. And if I hear one more, “Every job sucks, no one likes their job, there’s no job you’ll enjoy” bullshit one more time. Stop worrying about what people expect of you and focus on your happiness. No one knows their time on Earth, which is a scary thought. Think about it like this: if we knew the exact day we die and you find out you have four years to live, are you going to spend those four years working a job you hate? I’m going to say no. Because I wouldn’t. So why waste your life in negativity now. I hence the judgement of, “Oh, she’s just a stupid millennial who doesn’t understand retirement or how to save money” That’s fine, let your opinions flow. Just know that I am happy with my life and working a job I love.

There is one word I have a habit of using. “Just”. I just want to go to Colorado. I just want to go watch the sunset. I just need to start doing more yoga. I just want to move out West. I was thinking about these things and thought, what is stopping me? I’m planning a weekend for CO, I make effort into finding a sunset spot, I do yoga in the mornings, and I’m saving up to move. No more “justs”, only “doings”.

SO DO IT. Whatever it is. Do it. Want to get back into photography? Save up for a camera rather than saying you want to. Go to that concert. Eat by yourself in a coffee shop. Paint even though you suck. Feel like shit about yourself? It’s hard. I know. But get your butt off the couch and run. After you run drink water and make a healthy snack. Take a shower, exfoliate, do a face mask, anything to help you. Go take pictures. Take advantage of having the ability to hiking up a mountain to watch the sunset. Be happy with your life.


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