• Halsey – Eyes closed

This whole album is amazing. But this song is hands-down beautiful. Her voice is so vibrant and flows out the speakers in a way I can’t even describe.

  • XXYYXX – About you

Oldie but a goodie. This song makes me want to melt into my bed after a hot shower. The perfect song to zone out of life.

  • BORNS – Clouds

This song. The lyrics are perfect for a sunny day at the beach or a cold drive through the mountains.

  • Tanlines – Slipping Away

Okay, this song is the PERFECT song to blare while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. Windows down, sunroof open, iced vanilla latte on my lips. Literally my day dreams. I have not lived life until I do this.

  • Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

The title is enough said. So.

  • R I T U A L – The Only One (Ft. Skizzy Mars)

I’ve said this about every song but this one really is my favorite. I listen to I almost every day. I first heard it walking home at 2AM in Athens. A few people were listening to music on their front porch on Franklin and I had to stop to google the lyrics. I literally stood in the street to hear the rest of the song. It’s weird how you recall random moments like that, but it makes me smile.

  • Majin Jordan – A Place Like This

This song is great for those who are going through change. The lyrics and mood are amazing. Idk it’s always been a fav.

  • Evenings – Friend (Lover)

Ugh. I looooove this song. If you like Odesza you’ll vibe with this song.

  • Hippie Sabatoge – Devil Eyes

If you don’t feel like you can do anything in life after listening to this song, that’s ok but man. It’s good.

  • Aer – Floats My Boat

I mean, its Aer lol. Anything from them is super chill and reminds me of 2012 summers. The good ‘ol days. 😉

  • Floreyyyy – Thrill Divine, Rose Pedals, Friday Loops

Floreyyyy is an artist I found on Tumblr (lol yes tumblr). But I found his youtube channel and it is DOPE. All of his remixes are chill. Go check them out! Rose Pedals and Put Your Head On My Shoulder are my favorites

  • Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

I think I play this song every day. Every. Day.

  • Anna of the North – Sway

I first heard this song when The Chainsmokers released their remix and I loved it. I listened to the original and loved it even more. I love it. Like, love it.

  • Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Remix)

This one is a given. I’ve always been obsessed with Billie Eilish and this remix is the shit. Her new album is amazing but a part of me is sad she’s not a secret anymore.

  • Devendra Banhart – Never Seen Such Good Things

Issa good one.

  • Kaivon – Feel (Ft. Danel)

I LOVE THIS SONG. It makes me drive a little too fast and feel so alive. 10/10 amazing.

  • Beach house – Literally any of their songs lol

You can’t make me just choose one Beach House song, although Space Song is probably up there on my favorites, I still refuse to choose. They are fucking great and sound even better on Vinyl.

  • Elohim – Xanax

Their dreamy voice almost makes anxiety seem nice and enjoyable.

  • Ta-Ku – I miss you

The album is titled, “Songs to Break Up To”. It’s a great song. And a great album.

  • M83 – My Tears Are Becoming a Sea

Come on…’s M83.

  • Stevie Wonder – I Just Called to Say I Love You

Ok, Lol I love this song you guys. It’s so damn catchy. I’m waiting for Floryyyy to cover it because I know it’s going to happen.

  • Ayokay – Kings of Summer (Ft. Quinn XCII)

This song has such a summer vibe that makes you want to be a kid again.

If I could list every song from this playlist I would but there’s SO MANY. If you have Apple Music pleeeeeaassee text me, message me, ANYTHING!! I love sharing playlists.



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