Yellow Balloon

I think about this moment. A lot.

My junior year of college I took class titled, Appalachian: Land & the People. (Side note, if you attend Ohio University I highly recommend this class. Even if you just need a few credits it is extremely interesting.) BUT ANYWAYS. We went on a field trip and had 8 people per van. It was late March, the weird shift between seasons where you’re sometimes freezing and sometimes sweating. The trees were still bare and an overcast took over the sky. I sat by the window because I die of an anxiety attack if I’m trapped in the middle seat.

We’re driving down a backroad as I’m staring out the glass wondering how much longer until I snapped out of my seasonal depression. Ya know, normal thoughts. The road was surrounded by trees with bare branches passing my eyes like a blur. But then something catches my glance. It’s colorful. I squint my eyes to make out the object in the distance and quickly try to figure out what it is before we pass. “Oh my god a deflated balloon in the tree!!!!!” I announced to the whole van my excitement for seeing a fucking deflated balloon in the tree. While they looked at me like I had three heads I had many thoughts about what to say. We laughed it off, played it cool..HA.

But to me that just wasn’t a deflated balloon. And trust me I know how ridiculous it is to write about a BALLOON LOL. It was a pop of color on a dull, lifeless day. The yellow balloon was the closest thing I’ve seen to a sun in days. Which, if you have seasonal depression, you know what I’m talking about. I was pretty entertained the rest of the car ride back to campus. How did the balloon get all the way out there? In the middle of absolute nowhere. Where did it come from? Was it used for a birthday party or celebration? Did a child cry about letting go of their balloon only for me to be overly joyful to see their deflated balloon?

I don’t know, sometimes I think about things waaayyy too in deep and I don’t know how to stop. But winter is coming so lately I’ve been thinking about the yellow balloon.


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