There’s so many versions of me.

There’s Athens Megan. The girl who wears Burks with everything and hikes every trail she finds. Carefree without a worry in the world. Constantly saying yes to everything and never stops. Anything to keep the mind busy.

Coastline Megan. When you reach the coast and take in a deep breath of salty air. The corners of my mouth force a smile and I’m at peace. Bra’s and make-up don’t exist and I am free. Like nothing can stop me.

Columbus Megan. Doing anything to make this city feel like home. Drinking too much craft beer and not hiking as much. Spending more time dreaming of my life instead of living it.

Summer Megan. The car windows are rolled down and the sunset is filling my car with golden rays. My favorite song of the day taking over the sound of the wind. I drive just a little too fast but I help it, I feel so alive.

Winter Megan. Everything is gray and gloomy. The sun has been hiding for 6 days and my plants look sad and droopy. The wind is sharp on my cheeks and is the most I’ve felt all Winter. I really don’t know if I can survive another January.

And then I think of the versions other people see. The girl I accidentally bumped into at the store. The woman I helped carry flowers. My sister as she looks up to me. The girl you only talked to in class and you never see again. The local coffee shop Barista. Everyone has a different version of you in their thoughts, which honestly gives me such anxiety. To think everyone sees a different you, depending on the day and time in your life.

Is this all me or are these different versions of me?


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