New Projects

Today I discovered this amazing, most beautiful park full of wildflowers and endless trails. The rain was pouring on my drive there but managed to stop just as I pulled in. I parked my car and opened my door to get out. After taking a second to breathe it all in, I just stood there. The birds were singing and the smell of damp forest surrounded me. I felt so alive in one tiny moment. I took off down a trail to find another and another. And then I found something I’ve been looking for all summer; a field of sunflowers. I literally RAN. I ran in my moccasins through a field of knee high grass so I could reach the sunflowers. Bees were buzzing by and butterflies softly landing on each flower. My soul needed that.

While walking back I realized there was one thing stopping me from doing what I want in life. That one thing? Judgement. I was so concerned about people making fun of me or rolling their eyes.  I couldn’t believe I was being held back from doing something I find interesting because I was worried what people would think. We are humans. And the fact of judging others following their hobbies or passions astounds me.

I haven’t been into writing lately. I’m honestly a little bored. I’ve been seeking my inspiration elsewhere and putting my creative thoughts into videos instead. So, if you wanted a new way to make fun of me…there ya go! I’ve always been interested in recording everything in my life and I can’t figure out why. Even before Snapchat and Instagram I had my Flip recorder with me everywhere. There are some pretttttty embarrassing videos on Youtube of my 7th grade self, consider yourself lucky if you can’t find them.

I plan on still jotting my thoughts here and there so definitely stay tuned, but as of now most of my energy will be going towards videos. Peep the Youtube channel and subscribe! I plan on doing the most random, so don’t think of it as vlogging. Think of it as an expression of creativity, even if I suck.

Here is my latest video!


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