18 Lessons.

A list of lessons I’ve learned this past year:

  1. Don’t depend on anyone or anything in life. You will only be left wondering why you couldn’t take care of yourself.
  2. Just because you can drink doesn’t mean you have to get a beer or cocktail at every single restaurant. Save your money and calories for happy hour.
  3. Share your favorite songs with others who enjoy the same vibes.
  4. Be selfish as fuck with your goals and aspirations.
  5.  Don’t rely on another human for happiness. It fills the emptiness but only for so long.
  6.  Wash your sheets once a week.
  7. It’s O.K. to show your vulnerability. Find the beauty in the ability to feel such emotions.
  8. If you want to do something, then go do it. Don’t wait & don’t find excuses. Just do it.
  9. Wings and nachos are amazing, but make sure you eat spinach and salmon, too. Think about how the food is nourishing your body.
  10. Don’t ever sleep in your contacts.
  11. It’s good to cry hard. Let it make your body ache and eyes swollen, then go to sleep and call your mom the next day.
  12. Don’t compare your point in life to others. It’s not a race.
  13. Call your friends and make sure they’re doing alright. Even if you don’t talk everyday, make it a point to reach out.
  14. Make playlists of every mood. Zoned out of life, rainy days, sun shining days, old music. Anything.
  15. Honestly, who cares what people think. Do whatever the hell makes you happy.
  16. Give yourself something to look forward to. Plan a trip, book a flight, find a concert, visit a friend, go hiking. Whatever makes you feel alive.
  17. Remember it’s O.K. to spend a day in bed only getting up for coffee. Just don’t make a habit, because it’s hard to snap out of.
  18. Take mental notes of the moments you feel most alive so you can cherish them in the future. Whether it’s driving to your favorite song into the sunset, nights with missed friends, lying in bed with the windows open, or reaching the view of your hike. Realize how you feel and fucking cherish it.

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