Help: I’m Addicted to Black Bean Burgers

Usually my blog is too deep sometimes and my mind at 2AM is completely different than my mind at 2PM, so right now I just want to share my favorite lunch because it is SO GOOD. I have been eating so many of these for lunch because they are so addicting. I use the frozen Morning Star brand for my black bean burgers and they have such flavor it’s unbelievable. I pop them in the oven until they’re crispy and scavenge whatever I find in the fridge to pair with the burger! Here is one of my favs:


It’s so simple and takes only 5 minutes. It’s literally what it looks like, black bean burger with spicy mustard atop spinach with a side of tomatoes and cottage cheese. I have been trying to eat more cottage cheese for the nutrients but I HATE IT LOL. I eat it so fast just to get it over with.


This recipe takes a little more prep because of the rice, but it’s basically everything in the first picture in bowl form! In this one I threw in white rice, black bean burger, a tad of cheese, sweet peppers, spinach, and fresh cilantro salsa. Ya’ll its toooooo gooooooood.

So yeah, thats that. Nothin’ fancy nothin’ deep nothin’ special. Just my lunch. :-)


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