Grounding Myself

Long time no talk, I know. And for those wondering, yes I completed my 7 day break-up with bread, pasta, sweets, and alcohol! (Except I can’t lie, Saturday I did have a couple Vodka Sprites).

I’ve been spending the past week self-reflecting. Do you ever get in those “funks” and can’t seem to get yourself out? I’m trying to come around though so I’ve been spending my time hiking and photographing anything I find beautiful. I have also been spending a lot of time with my younger sister. It’s nice to hangout with someone who is so innocent to everything in the world. Conversations are easy and flowy and carefree. She’s not asking me about my plan in life or where I want to work or what I want to do. Instead she asks, “would you rather have to go everywhere naked or be locked in your room for a month.”………now that I think about it though, those are still difficult questions to answer. LOL

I have a few job interviews this week so I would appreciate some good vibes my way! Also, check out my new photos I uploaded from my hikes this past week.

Much love.


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