Day 2 of 7

Hello friends. Day 2 has arrived.

I just need to point out the fact of how hard yesterday was like DAMN. I had to watch a whole table eat Texas Roadhouse rolls smeared in the cinnamon butter the Lord has provided. I made it through dinner only to come home to my mom not baking just one, but THREE FREAKING CHOCOLATE CAKES WITH HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM ICING. Yeah, you read that correctly. Maria is like Betty Crocker times twenty and is currently preparing a wedding cake for a relative this weekend. I can’t lie to you all, I did have a spoonfull of the icing and oh my god I honestly have no words.

After lying in bed for two hours last night resisting the urge of opening up the fridge for the icing I finally fell asleep. I woke up so proud of myself for not giving in last night! After my 45 minute workout this morning I had a nice salmon & broccoli lunch with a smudge if hummus, and I feel ~~goooooood~~.

For real though, before I chose to do this for seven days I really was trying to eat healthier while exercising. I think the difficulty for me was how overwhelming it was with not having a goal set, and by setting a 7 day goal my perspective has changed so much. I don’t feel like a failure and I feel more motivated to accomplish this goal. Also, I was not bloated at all last night or today which is amazing. Tomorrow is just another day, so stay tuned. In the meantime I’ll be dreaming about carbs.

I miss you, bread.


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