losing touch

Everyday you go through life without thinking much of it. The occasional call from your mom, a text from your friend or sister. You don’t think much of it until you no longer get an occasional call (not the case for me..I talk to my mom almost every day, thank God), or the occasional texts from friends. You don’t realize what is happening until something exciting happens and you don’t know who to call or tell. If you would have asked me something about my future or my life two months ago, I probably would have a mental breakdown right then and there. Poor Jacob. Some things are hard to accept, but once you accept them it’s like a whole new world. You stop thinking about why things happen the way they do and you start embracing them because you know better things will come.  That’s the thing about college I think, you grow into the person you’ve been trying to become. And some people just grow faster than others.

Which is okay, I think


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